Is superficial heiress/socialite London Logo actually a marketing genius?

Reality Queen! is a comedy centering on the life of a Paris Hilton-esque heiress named "London" who is struggling to regain fame after being pushed out of the limelight by three Kardashian-type sisters named "The Kims." London's life is a self-indulgent maelstrom of partying, product endorsements, talent managers, pet psychics, private jets, fashion shows, yachts, and a celebrity posse. Will she ultimately makes it back to the top of the heap despite her wackiness? This parody of America's infatuation with fame raises the question: are these celebs-for-no-reason marketing geniuses, or are they just the accidental beneficiaries of the stupidity of the American public?

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Julia Faye West

Julia Faye West

London Logo

Julia Faye West has gotten where she is through tenacity and an amazing work ethic. Her credits include Slink, Ballet of Blood, and After School Massacre.

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Denise Richards

Angelina Streisand

Denise Richards is a TV/film actress and is know for roles in numerous films including Starship Troopers, Wild Things, Drop Dead Georgeous, The World is Not Enough (as a Bond Girl), and Valentine.


Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson claims the title of the youngest world heavyweight champion of all time, and all around great guy on set.

John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon

Joe the Plumber

John is known for playing the dad in the Friday movies, and as a series regular on The Boondocks television show. He appeared in more than 100 episodes of The Wayans Bros., and in such movies as Bulworth and Soul Plane

Charles Fleischer

Charles Fleischer

Talk Show Host

Charles Fleischer is the voice of Roger Rabbit, and has starred in such movies as Dick Tracy, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Back to the Future II.